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How to use PS3 Bluetooth controller connects to your mobile phone

Do you want to play your cell phone games with a controller rather than using your fingers play in phone screen? Even a touch screen is welcomed by the masses, which is provide us a easy way to operate our mobile phone, however, the size of a cell phone determine the size of game interface, plus our finger, which makes the screen is so small for game players to play the game. And it is horrible. But there is good news for you. PS3 Bluetooth controller appears and this kind of controller can let it connect to our mobile phone, therefore, you can play game with this controller rather than play the game in the screen. How? Don’t worry about it. This article will help you do connect.

At the first place, we need take an Android HD2 which is the root one for example, and you also need prepare a computer which can surf the Internet and the cable of PS3 Bluetooth controller. Have you be ready for these things? OK, let’s start with it.

Firstly, please install six axis controller software and open it, if there is a dialog box appear, select “yes” and then in front of “the six axis controller” option, select the tick, which is set to the effective. Next, accessing to the machine Bluetooth address, this is shown in the bottom line.

Connecting your Android HD2 phone to PS3 Bluetooth controller. In other word, you need set the MAC address in your PS3 Bluetooth controller console, and let this MAC address must be consistent with the Bluetooth MAC address of your Android HD2 phone .If the below of DUAL SHOCK 3 is shown “Can ‘t find connected (USB) Play station”, then you need reload the driver again,

Clicking the “Pair Now”, if all goes well, your PS3 Bluetooth controller can connect to your Android HD2. Now, you need enter to “Profiles” interface, and click “Disconnect”. Next, unplug your PS3 Bluetooth controller, at the same time, the four LED lights of your PS3 Bluetooth controller start flashing, this Bluetooth controller is searching for host.

Finally, in the six axis controller software, please click “start”, and allows the software to obtain root access, wait a minute, if only 1 LED light lights, that is to say your PS3 Bluetooth controller connects to your mobile phone. Now, you can play the game with PS3 Bluetooth controller. Enjoy! If you have any questions about PS3 controller, you can connect us in website.

How to Buy Women Watches

Pretty Pattern Analog Quartz PU Wrist Watch

There are various watches to choose from and it can be difficult to figure out which should be worn during which occasions. It is lucky for you to read this article which will guide you to select and purchase the right watches for every occasion. Choosing the perfect watch will help you complete your outfits and reflect that you have a great sense of style.

There are many styles of watches available today. For example, most watch brands carry a range of casual, luxury, dressy, sport, and fashion watches. There are also some watch brands that specialize in fine jewelry. Their time pieces will typically be more expensive and may incorporate real gold as well as diamonds.
For a watch that will never go out of fashion, try a luxury watch that has a very simple, yet traditional look. A luxury watch that is not too flashy can be worn with a number of different outfits, ranging from causal to formal wear. Try a classic gold or silver band with a white, black, silver, or gold face.

Casual watches will typically look best only with casual outfits. These are available with tons of different bands, ranging from plain leather, to silver and neon colored plastics. Although a watch with a plain color will match nearly anything you wear, a brightly colored watch can be used to make a statement and will have great eye-appeal. Continue reading

Car Decorations Express Your Personality

A lot of people spend huge amounts of time and effort on decorating their home. However, not many people consider redecorating their car although many of us spend large up to a few hours a day in the car, going back and forth to work or school. So it raises a question why people do not decorate your car. Car decoration can make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your vehicle as you do in your home. What is more, you can reflect your own personal tastes with car decorations.

Funky air fresheners are one way to express your individuality. The air freshener help their car stay smelling clean and new. So why should you have to stick with the same boring ones as everyone else? Fresheners are offered in a full range of shapes and sizes including animals, TV characters and even your favorite politicians. Therefore, you can choose a design that sends a message, whilst also keeping your vehicle smelling great. Joke “fresheners” are also available that will leave your car smelling less-than-fresh, and can make the perfect novelty gift for a friend or annoying sibling! Continue reading

Finding Cheap Wii Accessories

Finding Cheap Wii Accessories

The Wii is the hottest gaming system on the market today. It is no doubt that Wii accessories have now become widely available in the market and online. As a result, there are different prices of devices provided. In this article, some tips will be provided for you to find cheap wii accessories.

Shopping online is a popular way for many young people to find affordable accessories for Wii. It is also one way to find your favor. There are innumerable online sites that are now selling a range of functional and unique accessories for Wii. If you are lucky enough, you might get online codes or coupons which can be used to get additional savings. The exhaustive information of accessories for wii can be read in many online sites. People can choose the device you like according to the comments and information of these online sites. A lot of people find it more convenient to purchase these kinds of accessories online because of the ease of procuring the item (which can be done with just a few clicks), and the availability of a broad range of accessory options.

Some well-known E-MALLs are also great places to look for all your games and gaming accessories such as The items that are being sold are not just by Amazon themselves. There are countless of independent sellers who provide their products through this site. Not until the consumers get the products, independent sellers get paid until after you have received the product, they can be relied on to give a good service. Buying from these sellers can give you huge discounts on the normal retail price. Visiting trade-in stores is yet another good place to find cheap accessories for Wii. Trade-in stores works by letting the buyers trade their old console, games or other valuable gaming items in order to reduce the price of the accessory that they plan to purchase. Handgiftbox is a credible trade-in shop that you should look into. Remember that the more items you trade, the bigger price rebates you get.

You should be careful when buying video game accessories, since some provider can offer low quality. But there are also others that provide the same quality and performance that you’ll get with Nintendo’s own products. So, when shopping for Wii accessories, make sure to take enough time to look around in order to find the best deals. There are an overwhelming number of accessories available with some basic knowledge in handgiftbox, you will be able to browse through more choices in less time and significantly increase your chance of finding the device that you want.