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Before you buy an Android tablet pc

Android tablet PCs are used widely by most people, you can find they appear everywhere in our daily life, maybe you have one in your desk or you are reading this article through your tablet pc or just close your tablet. When you go out with your friends, and then enter a fast-food restaurant, KFC or McDonald’s for example, you will find there are some person are using their tablet surf the Internet, watch movies or e-books while eating. Of course, the price of a tablet is higher than our mobile phone in a way, and everyone wants to spend our money on tablet efficiently and well. Therefore, we will reminder you here: we can neither just buying the tablet on advertisement nor judge a certain mobile phone brand. You have to remember the saying goes: we need choose a suitable for our real need. With this principle, you need ask yourself some questions before choosing and buying the tablet, such as what are you going to do when you bought a tablet, watching movies, listening music songs, playing games, designing software applications and so on, or which tablet size do you prefer, which Android tablet pc brand will you choose, where to buy this tablet and everything else.

Let us talk about the first question: What are you going to do when you bought a tablet? To this issue, there are some people completely do not know why buy a tablet. For this issue, we can describe them as onlookers. We know different types of tablets have different functions and features, we suggest you need focus mainly on some major functions about tablets, because every kinds of tablet PCs have their different and stand out features and choose a tablet which is fit your needs and requirement.

Another part of for the question above, there is some people know their needs and requirement, and they have their own thoughts before they enter a tablet pc store. However, they are struggling to find or do not know how to start to choose a suitable tablet for themselves. In terms of this issue, we strongly advise that you can assure your final purchase purpose before you buy a tablet. For example, after you bought a tablet, you may use the tablet for reading e-books, for watching movies and videos, or for playing games and so on. You can choose and buy a tablet according to your real needs.

There are wide kinds of Android tablet PCs with various functions for you in website, and you can learn further knowledge about Android tablet pc in this link, too.

How to use PS3 Bluetooth controller connects to your mobile phone

Do you want to play your cell phone games with a controller rather than using your fingers play in phone screen? Even a touch screen is welcomed by the masses, which is provide us a easy way to operate our mobile phone, however, the size of a cell phone determine the size of game interface, plus our finger, which makes the screen is so small for game players to play the game. And it is horrible. But there is good news for you. PS3 Bluetooth controller appears and this kind of controller can let it connect to our mobile phone, therefore, you can play game with this controller rather than play the game in the screen. How? Don’t worry about it. This article will help you do connect.

At the first place, we need take an Android HD2 which is the root one for example, and you also need prepare a computer which can surf the Internet and the cable of PS3 Bluetooth controller. Have you be ready for these things? OK, let’s start with it.

Firstly, please install six axis controller software and open it, if there is a dialog box appear, select “yes” and then in front of “the six axis controller” option, select the tick, which is set to the effective. Next, accessing to the machine Bluetooth address, this is shown in the bottom line.

Connecting your Android HD2 phone to PS3 Bluetooth controller. In other word, you need set the MAC address in your PS3 Bluetooth controller console, and let this MAC address must be consistent with the Bluetooth MAC address of your Android HD2 phone .If the below of DUAL SHOCK 3 is shown “Can ‘t find connected (USB) Play station”, then you need reload the driver again,

Clicking the “Pair Now”, if all goes well, your PS3 Bluetooth controller can connect to your Android HD2. Now, you need enter to “Profiles” interface, and click “Disconnect”. Next, unplug your PS3 Bluetooth controller, at the same time, the four LED lights of your PS3 Bluetooth controller start flashing, this Bluetooth controller is searching for host.

Finally, in the six axis controller software, please click “start”, and allows the software to obtain root access, wait a minute, if only 1 LED light lights, that is to say your PS3 Bluetooth controller connects to your mobile phone. Now, you can play the game with PS3 Bluetooth controller. Enjoy! If you have any questions about PS3 controller, you can connect us in website.

Different sizes for tablet pc choosing

KNC MD706 7 Inch Android 4.2 RK3168 Dual Core 1.2GHz Tablet PC with External 3G,Wi-Fi(8GB)

Here’s a common question that most customers grapple with: What size do I want or take for myself? They are common available as 7 inches, 8 inches, 9.7 inches and 10.1 inches tablet pc in computer stores. How do you know which size of tablet pc is suitable for yourself? Today, this article will help you to think about this problem and give you our opinion towards this question.

Tablet pc, in addition to the sizes of 7 inches, 8 inches, 9.7 inches and 10.1 inches tablet pc, there are also other sizes not listed above. Because they are not the mainstream in tablet pc market and not so many people will buy them, such as 5 inches size tablet pc, which is like a mobile phone we hold, we will say that, it is better to buy a mobile phone directly, so we will not say them today. Let us begin.

Firstly, you should know some size conceptions when we mention he sizes of 7 inches, 8 inches, 9.7 inches and 10.1 inches tablet pc, you can create mental pictures in your mind or search size pictures from the Internet. A tablet pc with 7 inches looks like your book; a tablet pc with 9.7 inches is as big as two books; A tablet pc with 8 inches is between 7 inches tablet pc and 9.7 inches tablet pc, which its size close to 9.7 inches tablet pc. A tablet pc with 10.1 inches is longer than a 9.7 inches tablet pc, which is suitable for us to watch videos and play some little games. However, 10.1 inches tablet pc is not suitable for us to play big games. Because when you hold a 10.1 inches tablet pc, your thumbs is short for you to click your game character.

In generally, the resolution of a 7 inches tablet pc is 1024 x 600 pixels; 8 inches tablet pc is 1024 x 768 pixels; 9.7 inches tablet pc is 1024 x 768 pixels, 10.1 inches tablet pc is 1280 x 800 pixels. The larger the screen resolution, the better your images showing will be. The resolution between 8 inches tablet pc and 9.7 inches tablet pc is the same. Therefore, the picture in an 8 inches tablet pc is clearer than 9.7 inches tablet pc because of its small screen. Under the same resolution, screen pixels are tight in a small screen device. On the whole, regardless of screen material, a 7 inches tablet pc is convenient for most people to carry. 8 inches tablet pc is suitable for us to browse the Internet and watch movies. 9.7 inches tablet pc is better for us to play some games. And 10.1 inches tablet pc is better for us to deal with some work files. You can connect us by clicking website and get more information about table pc by this link.

What is 3G wireless IP security camera?

A wireless IP security camera also can be called as Wireless network camera, which means a camera can use the wireless network and has a good quality in video images and very high data compression. Wireless IP security cameras are more and more used in our life, wireless IP security cameras can not only record everything under the cameras, but also can let the users watch real-time videos, images, sound through the Internet. Some of Wireless IP security cameras allow the users to speak and send massages to their family, and also can give users a video conference. Moreover, a wireless IP security camera can also automatically alarm and inform user what happened right now, which can give users a time to call the police in time to keep his damage to a minimum when there is a thief is stealing. Moreover, the video record is a great help for police with their investigation. Wireless IP security cameras are convenient for our daily life, especially, there are really some things happened.

There are two kinds of wireless IP security camera, the first is point to within a local area network (LAN), wireless Wi-Fi IP security cameras; the second refers to the 3G wireless IP security camera, which is through a 3G network transmission. Do you know what 3G wireless IP security camera is? If you don’t know, this article will help you.

3G wireless IP security camera is kinds of wireless security camera, and the operating of 3G wireless IP security camera is through a 3G network transmission. For the requirement of most families, small enterprises and some specific industries who need wireless security cameras, manufactures design a mobile video surveillance with easy installation, high cost performance, and easy operation for the user. This mobile video surveillance is called 3G wireless IP security camera, which means that video source or receiving devices of the system have moveable ability. In this way, people can use your 3G mobile phone without install any software and you just need make a video telephone call, then you can watch the real-time videos right now. A 3G wireless IP security camera can realize monitor function for you through taking advantage of its audio Channels, and then you can hear the scene sounds, which can help you to know what happened and handle the situation. The development of 3G wireless IP security cameras is so quickly, more and more 3G wireless IP security cameras are bought by common families. We are also e look forward to its development. If you want to get more information about wireless security cameras, you can link website, and there are also wide kinds of security cameras for you to choose.

The Benefits of the iPhone5 Cases

The Benefits of the iPhone5 Cases
In the recent years, the iPhones have been playing an important role in the market around the world. And the iPhone5 is the newest one. We all know that the iPhones are brilliant, for they can provide the newest apps for us to use. The iPhone5 is very popular as soon as it is put into the market. It is not cheap to buy it. So I think that we need to take good care of it. Because the cell phone is a little fragile; it is easy to cause scratches and dents. In this way, it is necessary to buy an iPhone5 case, isn’t it?

A good case can not only protect the cell phone from dusts and hurts, but also make the whole exterior appearance of the cell phone gorgeous and unique. As is known to us that, the good cell phones cases are certainly more expensive than the normal cases. There are different types, colors, and patterns of the iPhone5 cases on the Internet and stores. In my opinion, the cell phone cases should make a perfect collaboration with the cell phones. Moreover, the cell phone cases should be made of high-quality material. The material, anodized aluminum is superb. Its appearance is excellent and luxurious. And its chemical property is similar to alumina, but it won’t rust at all.

Did you ever own a cell phone? Did your cell phone ever drop off your hand or pocket? Did you ever feel regretful for what you did to the phone? It is time to forget about the past. You need move on and do better. To equip a cell phone with the cell phone case is very essential. The cell phone cases will greatly decrease the damages that the cell phone gets. However, it can also prevent the cell from the dusts in the air. You can make an experiment with your friends. You keep your cell phone with a case and your friend keeps her phone with nothing. And after one month, you will see the big difference between these two phones.

If you are using an iPhone5, you can also choose an iPhone5 case. You have already spent much money to buy a good cell phone. In some way, it is easier for you to buy a reliable iPhone5 case. The price of it is definitely reasonable. The quality of it is indeed reliable and the appearance of it is also gorgeous and attractive. Some persons try to save the money for buying it, but they have to pay the upkeep of the exterior sections of the device. And it is not a wise decision, isn’t it?

If you change your mind and decide to be kind to your cell phone, you can search on the Internet for your perfect cheap cell phone case. Not everyone is lucky enough to own such a brilliant iPhone5. Maybe you should choose the case to decorate your cell phone. They are really attractive with all the styles. However, the dimension of the iPhone5 case from handgiftbox is 13.9×7.3x1cm, only for the iPhone5.

Choosing a leather phone case for your cell phone

That may not sound like much for young people using a silicone phone case for their cell phone. However, for some busy business people in the workplace with a silicone phone case for their mobile phone is a different situation. A business mobile phone over a silicone phone case trespass the bounds of good taste for a businessman to hold a cell phone.

Therefore phone cases made by leather rise in response to the proper time and conditions. A leather phone case has the advantage of the gentle, generous, and doesn’t wear mobile phones. A leather phone case also has good heat dissipation and so on. However, a leather phone case doesn’t have waterproof function that a silicone phone case does have.

A leather phone case is one kind of phone cases, which is made by PU leather or genuine leather materials. relative to the single style of a silicon phone case, to people struggling to rise to the top in the workplace, who are different from other young people who advocate lifestyle of leisure and sports, most of business people prefer to hold an decent and handsome leather phone case for their cell phone, and even the leather case they hold need match with the phone. Because holding a mobile phone with a single color or cannot give business people a elegant experience, in their view, it is a embarrassing thing. Continue reading

Popular Minions cell phone cases for iphone 5

Animated film “Despicable me”, which was released in 2010, and this film is in a low budget 69 million dollars to win a high box office $543.1 million in the world. For the love of the film, that’s partly because of the fans love the film’s mini yellow Minions. All Minions are biochemical man, which are made by animation film “Despicable me” protagonist Gru using variant DNA, fatty acids and mashed banana. Do you like them, too? Now, there are kinds of Minions cell phone cases selling in the You will fond of them. Each of Minions cell phone cases for iphone 5 has a cute appearance and good quality to protect your iphone 5. Continue reading