How to use PS3 Bluetooth controller connects to your mobile phone

Do you want to play your cell phone games with a controller rather than using your fingers play in phone screen? Even a touch screen is welcomed by the masses, which is provide us a easy way to operate our mobile phone, however, the size of a cell phone determine the size of game interface, plus our finger, which makes the screen is so small for game players to play the game. And it is horrible. But there is good news for you. PS3 Bluetooth controller appears and this kind of controller can let it connect to our mobile phone, therefore, you can play game with this controller rather than play the game in the screen. How? Don’t worry about it. This article will help you do connect.

At the first place, we need take an Android HD2 which is the root one for example, and you also need prepare a computer which can surf the Internet and the cable of PS3 Bluetooth controller. Have you be ready for these things? OK, let’s start with it.

Firstly, please install six axis controller software and open it, if there is a dialog box appear, select “yes” and then in front of “the six axis controller” option, select the tick, which is set to the effective. Next, accessing to the machine Bluetooth address, this is shown in the bottom line.

Connecting your Android HD2 phone to PS3 Bluetooth controller. In other word, you need set the MAC address in your PS3 Bluetooth controller console, and let this MAC address must be consistent with the Bluetooth MAC address of your Android HD2 phone .If the below of DUAL SHOCK 3 is shown “Can ‘t find connected (USB) Play station”, then you need reload the driver again,

Clicking the “Pair Now”, if all goes well, your PS3 Bluetooth controller can connect to your Android HD2. Now, you need enter to “Profiles” interface, and click “Disconnect”. Next, unplug your PS3 Bluetooth controller, at the same time, the four LED lights of your PS3 Bluetooth controller start flashing, this Bluetooth controller is searching for host.

Finally, in the six axis controller software, please click “start”, and allows the software to obtain root access, wait a minute, if only 1 LED light lights, that is to say your PS3 Bluetooth controller connects to your mobile phone. Now, you can play the game with PS3 Bluetooth controller. Enjoy! If you have any questions about PS3 controller, you can connect us in website.

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