Popular Minions cell phone cases for iphone 5

Animated film “Despicable me”, which was released in 2010, and this film is in a low budget 69 million dollars to win a high box office $543.1 million in the world. For the love of the film, that’s partly because of the fans love the film’s mini yellow Minions. All Minions are biochemical man, which are made by animation film “Despicable me” protagonist Gru using variant DNA, fatty acids and mashed banana. Do you like them, too? Now, there are kinds of Minions cell phone cases selling in the http://www.handgiftbox.com. You will fond of them. Each of Minions cell phone cases for iphone 5 has a cute appearance and good quality to protect your iphone 5.

All Minions look like lovely little yellow pills. In the movie, there are so many Minions who have their own language with short arm short legs. They listen to the order from Gru, however, have their own thoughts. The one who has iphone 5 also has their own rich and abundant life experience, and they want to different and simple. Just like Minions. These Minions even though, are industrious and courageous, and enjoy bananas very much, which have very naughty and lovely personality. Granted, they are always half-hearted when doing his work, however, have a strong ability to work. With extremely abundant performance ability, Minions all have a quite low haha point, and so funny. Minions punctuate excellence of the “Despicable me”, the cute aspect of Minions sweep all over the world and pursue everyone’s favorite. How do you think about Minions?

1. One-eye Minions Pattern Protective Case for iPhone5
Do you like this one-eye Minion in the “Despicable me”, it is very cute, isn’t? This One-eye Minions Pattern Protective Case for iPhone5 just needs USD$5.39(55% off), free on supersaver shipping, and 30%off on expedited shipping. This case is made by silicone, which can give you a good sensation when you hold your iPhone5. This case is a back cover, which can protect your iPhone5. The dimensions of this case are 14.5x8cm, and weight 0.09 kg.

2. Cute Smile Minions Design Silicone Case for iphone5
As is shown in the picture, this Minion is a smile one which you may familiar in “Despicable me”. This case is also made by silicone, and the price of this Cute Smile Minion is 6.99(53% off), the dimensions of this case are 14×7.5cm, shipping Weight 0.08 kg. Do you love them? Get one home, and put it on your iphone 5. Your iphone 5 will looks very cute, popular and imbue with your own personality. You can click in the www.handgiftbox.com to get One-eye Minion or Cute Smile Minion back cover case for your iphone 5, and we will give your our best service!

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