You can see the advantages of Ifive mini3 here

ifive mini3 Ultra-thin 7.85 Inch Android 4.2.2 Rock-Chips RK3188 Quad Core 1.6GHz Tablet PC with Bluetooth,Wi-Fi(16GB)

When we refer to the domestic tablet PCs, it is very difficult to link with good product design, quality and personality. In domestic tablet PCs market, the competition is very fiercely. Most of tablet PCs companies are choosing the same product mode and just provide cheap chips on tablet PCs, and relying on the exaggerated market propaganda to attract consumers. However, FNF Company still pays attention to product development and its brand image. If you’ve considered getting one of the new models that came out recently, however, you may have been overwhelmed when you have to make different options. There is good choose for you to think about – FNF’s newest Ifive mini3, which not only continues the advantages of Previous product , but also has a lots special features, such as using the OGS panel the screen, making the effect of display better, and using comprehensive magnetic sensors configuration, three-axis gyroscope

Ultra-thin and convenient to carry

Under the condition of guaranteeing the ability to hold a charge and structural efficiency, Ifive mini3’s Ultra-thin does bring better user experience.

Ifive mini3 is just weights 290 grams, 6.50mm thick and has 7.85 Inch, which makes it easily carry for users, adding narrow border, you will get a very good touch of Ifive mini3 as narrow border can guarantee the stability when you open a single hand, and the smooth grinding of side edges.

Personality design and simplicity

Ifive mini3 has adopted dark purplish blue color scheme, making the cabinet body looks more delicate, and remains the vertical side design which has a good reputation in the masses. However, Ifive mini3 abandons the metal frame this time , and makes the aluminum alloy panel of backside extend to the broadside directly, and uses the vertical design, combining with the polishing trimming process, which makes Ifive mini3 look more simple and beautiful. There is only one button on it, it’s convenient to operate for users. When you open this device, you can find that the Notification center and control center get together and just put in the lower right corner position.

Good display and high tactile sensitivity

Ifive mini3 paired has OGS panel laminating process, all OGS panel integrates with the outer protection panel and touch panel, thus can reduce the thickness and weight effectively, and make the light-admitting quality of Ifive mini3 better. When you take a picture, the light quality is very outstanding. You don’t have to worry about any viewing angle as there are no color differences in any angle.

It has Android 4.2.2 Rock-Chips and RK3188 Quad Core

Ifive mini3 still adopts Android 4.2.2 Rock-Chips and RK3188 Quad Core, which can improve the performance of device, at the same time, lower power consumption.
Ifive mini3 is a very notable domestic high-quality tablet PCs, its excellent industrial design and good quality are a rare in the domestic tablet PCs markets. It is useful to check Ifive mini3 from, because we can get an attractive gadget with all the latest features. Here you can get the Ifive mini3 of your choice without spending a big amount of money every time. It just sells USD$176.99(53% OFF), clicking to get more information about Ifive mini3.


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