Nokia began closed beta WP8.1 new firmware exposure system





Microsoft WP system upgrade seems to speed, the recently released WP8 GDR3 firmware update, and now it was rumored that Microsoft and Nokia have been in the closed beta WP8.1 system messages , and is expected to release the first quarter of 2014 . If the rumors come true, then perhaps it means that Nokia MWC Conference in next year ‘s new machine, there may be equipped with the new system debut.

WP8.1 firmware leaked

According to foreign websites WPCentral citing a developer named Nawzil on Twitter broke the news that Nokia and Microsoft have started a massive Windows Phone 8.1 ( Code Blue) system’s internal testing. And as the most direct evidence , the developer has released a firmware screenshot shows , the latest version has reached 8.10.12236.0, in June this year compared to the exposure of 8.10.12076.0 version , apparently has been updated several versions .

According to currently available information indicates that the future of WP8.1 system will support 7-10 inches screen size , and rumors began to screen the tile will provide multi-select function, and to close the Application Notification Notification Center can also be a key to clear All notifications reminders. In addition, users can also search according to frequency of application , the new voice assistant feature , and also improved multi -tasking capabilities .

Push the fastest next year in February

And for the previous rumors of the new system will repeat the mistakes of WP7 makes WP8 system models may not be upgraded WP8.1 argument , but now they have a relatively clear view. According to information disclosed by insiders said , WP8.1 upgrade is a functional update , did not relate to an updated kernel and architecture , I will not repeat this tragedy WP7 system , and from now on the test model point of view, but also relates to the number of low-end models , it is expected that the system upgrade will WP8 system for all models to be updated.

Meanwhile according to people familiar with the saying , WP8.1 system will be available early 2014 push ( in the upcoming GDR3, Lumia Black after you push ) , while the domestic specific time of the two is in the next year , in March . And if rumors come true, then include the 8 inch tablet , including Nokia Lumia2020 other models are likely to be among the first models equipped with WP8.1 system .


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