The Magnificent Debut of Newman K2

The Magnificent Debut of Newman K2

Nowadays, smart phones are no longer just simple communication tools. A variety of features that make it become a multimedia mobile Internet terminal as an integral part of people’s life. With the rapid development of Internet, the demand for smart phone hardware has been further improved.

The dual sim touch screen phones are invented in response to the need of people and the time. The invention of dual sim touch screen phones is a major breakthrough which benefits people’s telecommunication a lot. The mobile phones are inclusive of a number of features which also include the use that it can use two cards simultaneously. The bigger, clearer and faster dual sim touch screen phones are people’s ambition as we have been pursuing.

Most of the companies have increased the functions of mobiles by adding a number of sophisticated features like access to internet, WiFi, Bluetooth, dual sim card and so forth. Not long ago, spy photos of Newman (the domestic mobile phone manufacturers) ‘s large-screen digital machine – K2 was accidentally leaked. After the final stage of commissioning, Newman K2 was officially on sale last week.

The whole pure white body of Newman K2 which resembles Samsung Note2 exterior styling is very fashionable. The 5.5 inches of FHD high-definition screen as Newman K2’s touch screen provides more comfortable visual perception. Not many extra decorations are adopted and even Andrews standard three buttons have been designed to become hidden touch keys which excellently guarantee the integrity of the phone. Referring to overall appearance, using rounded design which is popular is easy to be accepted by the public. The body side frame with a metal wire drawing process greatly enhances the overall temperament of Newman K2.The design of 2.5mm ultra-narrow frame ensures a good handle feeling although Newman K2 has 5.5 inches screen. Newman K2 presents elegant, fashionable and simple style with the design of artful curvature edge which is suitable to the radian of people’s handle.

Compared to the previous generation Newman K1, Newman K2 with MT6589T four core, 1.5GHZ CPU, 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM has been significantly improved in the hardware configuration. Other configurations have been certainly improved. Newman K2 which is equipped with a 1300W pixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor supports auto focus and LED flashlight ‘s operation .The own camera are inclusive of a number of features such as supporting HDR, optimizing pictures. What is more, it has a variety of scene modes that are very comprehensive.

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