The Strong Advancement of Lenovo towards Smart Phone’s High-end Market

The Strong Advancement of Lenovo towards Smart Phone’s High-end Market

On September 28, 2013, Lenovo group held a conference in Beijing which announced to launch Lenovo VIBE that was smart phones ‘worldwide high-end brand. At the same time, the brand’s first new VIBE X was released. The Lenovo’s senior vice President and Lenovo business group President Liu Jun and the vice President of Lenovo and MIDH China sales department general manager Feng Xing, the vice President of Lenovo group and China’s chief marketing officer Wei Jianglei and other executives attended the conference.

The Lenovo senior vice president and Lenovo Group President Liu Jun said, “The next goal of Lenovo’s smart phone business is to achieve two breakthroughs of global market and high-end market. Lenovo VIBE which is debuted globally today is high-end sub-brand for smart phones’ high-end market. Lenovo VIBE is exquisitely designed with ultimate performance and human interaction as the core characteristics. The launch of Lenovo VIBE is Lenovo’s smart phone business’s another milestone which marks the advancement fully into the high-end smart phone market. I believe that Lenovo VIBE will inject new elements to Lenovo’s brand image and becomes our flagship of high-end market’s breakthrough!”

Lenovo VIBE is designed to create a brand image that is young and dynamic, social network, self-confidence shine and international fashion or other brand images. The target of Lenovo VIBE is the generation after 80’s and 90’s who have social influence. In the future, there will be two product lines of Lenovo VIBE. The most influential characteristic of VIBE Z is extreme performance. The emphasis of VIBE X is exquisite design.

The first appearance of VIBE X in the domestic is the first product of Lenovo VIBE high-end brands’ products. VIBE X fully demonstrates the excellent DNA of the Lenovo VIBE series products in the design, performance, and interactions.
With the establishment and improvement of three-dimensional distribution channels, Lenovo users will have a various choices when buying and experiencing VIBE X. VIBE X will be on comprehensive sale firstly on December 28, 2013. Then the TD version will be released.

As a global leader in the PC market, Lenovo accurately grasps opportunities of China mainstream mobile phone market in recent years and achieves the rapid rise of the smart phone business. Now Lenovo has been the second one for four quarters in China’s market. According to the date of IDC, with 11.3 million Lenovo phones sold worldwide in the last quarter, Lenovo ranked the world’s fourth of largest smart phone vendor for the first time.


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