iPad mini 2 Exposure transplant 5S fingerprint recognition

iPad mini 2 Exposure transplant 5S fingerprint recognition

Followed by the iPhone 5S pace, iPad Mini 2 will also be released next month. Recently, rumors about iPad Mini 2 is a followed by a fuselage cover photo has also been on the network exposure, and even rumored iPad Mini 2 will launch with the iPhone 5S same color.

Even before the exposure of the gray version of iPad Mini 2, now take a look at suspected Tyrant gold color of iPad Mini 2 spy.

This group of photos leaked iPad Mini 2 in addition to the new color, but also can be seen from the front of the photograph iPad Mini 2 is also equipped with the iPhone 5S similar fingerprint scanner. In accordance with past practice, Apple, the iPhone launch of new features on the device, the device will be ported to the iPad, so the iPad Mini 2 with fingerprint recognition is not without possible.

An accurate exposure had been many iPhone 5S / C spy photos of the Apple employees has exposed iPad Mini 2 some parameters of configuration information. It is reported, iPad Mini 2 will be powered by A7 processor, built-in 1GB RAM, and offers fingerprint recognition, and there are gold version, equipped with a 7.9-inch retina screen. However, according to Apple’s usual style, iPad Mini 2 is most likely equipped with A6X processor, if the news is true, then the new device will definitely be more to the force.

Also, according to broke the news that Apple will be launched in October this year, iPad 5, and make sure there will be new color. The iPad Mini 2 will be small-scale production by the end of October, beginning of next year to meet with you. This prevents the device again with the iPad Mini iPad stunts situation appears.

Although many messages pass was rhythmic, but eventually configure how and when to market, or to wait until October to Apple held a press conference announced.


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