iPhone 5c in short supply Early evidence

iPhone 5c in short supply Early evidence

The general consensus is that the Wall Street: Apple iPhone5c only the price is too high, excess production also led to Verizon, AT & T, Sprint retail channels such as inventory.

In order to verify this statement, the U.S. investment bank BTIG analyst Walter Pisek (WalterPiecyk) to a number of retail outlets playing to the phone, but it seems no one shop told him: “adequate stock, ready to buy.”

1, Pisek call 13 Verizon retail stores, asked all colors 16GB iPhone5c stock situation, but there are a few stores have been sold out certain colors (especially yellow), or no goods from the outset.

2, AT & T said that all colors and sizes iPhone5c are in stock, but on the company’s website, but some models out of stock.

3, Pisek call the 25 Sprint retail stores, found that only 32GB iPhone5c in 2-5 working days delivery, 16GB takes a week, yellow version of the 16GB or even need one to two weeks before delivery.

Pisek research report released on Friday, said: “Although we can not draw substantive conclusions through these phones, but Wall Street that all iPhone5c have adequate stock, we are difficult to get some color models.”

by Eric Slivka

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