Gold Edition iPhone 5s skyrocketed: $ 10,000 has been

Gold Edition iPhone 5s skyrocketed:  $ 10,000 has been

Since gold iPhone 5s supply can not meet the market “crazy demands”, eBay’s second-hand gold iPhone 5s have fry astronomical prices, while China has emerged golden iPhone 5s in the black market.

On eBay, a used iPhone 5s gold price has reached $ 10,100. It is not clear why the golden iPhone 5s supply can not meet everyone’s needs. In Apple’s online store to order gold iPhone 5s delivery time is currently October. And this past weekend, many people find that in some retail stores, national and operators, golden iPhone 5s have been completely out of stock. For example, Apple’s flagship store in San Francisco, Golden iPhone 5s stocks only 20 units.

Inability to get through normal retail channels golden iPhone 5s, so some consumers to turn their attention to the secondary market on eBay. In some second-hand auction, the price of gold iPhone 5s are gone, one of which has reached the price of $ 10,100.

In China, through the “black market” to buy gold iPhone 5s price of about $ 1,634, that is approximately 2 times the retail price. Some parallel importers to $ 1,161 at the beginning of the sale price from Hong Kong to buy gold iPhone 5s. This price is much higher than the original $ 721.

In addition, a company called Gold Genie is selling gold back cover of the iPhone, starting price is $ 2,850. iPhone 5s are not manufactured by the gold, but gold alloy. The Gold Genie’s version using real gold.

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