Apple iPhone 5S Review: Best camera / gaming experience without skipping

For fruit powder, iPhone 5S is not just “amazing iPhone”, not just “the thinnest and lightest iPhone”. It is “the most forward-thinking” mobile phone, but also “the world’s best smart phones.”

5S screen no bigger design styles are unchanged. Before Apple only for some small things to change: Camera upgrade, more memory. However, this year has been a change: 5S integrated 64 A7 processor, there is an invisible fingerprint reader, a higher quality camera and a substantial improvement of memory. Plus redesigned iOS7 software, Apple believes that 5S is not just a simple update products. Down payment of $ 199 plus a two-stage, I believe iPhone 5S parameters can win competitions.
However, a better argument can really create a better phone? The forward-thinking phone is really in line with current market environment?

Technology website The Verge writer David – Pierce (David Pierce), said he hoped 5S slightly larger screen, in addition to this, the basic design is really hard to find fault with Apple’s other flaws. Its only rival is the HTC One.

Display and appearance: the Galaxy S4 compared with the HTC One, iPhone 5S display effect is still very good, and its color accuracy highlights the dazzling iOS7 features, viewing angle is also very good. In some ways, Apple should improve 5S screen size, it is difficult to find 5S display other deficiencies.

iPhone 5S screen

Users may feel iPhone 5S is quite similar with the old phone, but it’s certainly different surface treatments. Very delicate colors: silver essentially the same as the old style, the back of the “Space Grey” totally previous generation can be seen as the color lighter version.

Touch experience: Using Apple Touch ID security system is like the movies, like agents. Users come up iPhone, and then hit the home button with ring. Set Touch ID takes a few minutes, the user will need to put a finger on the device in order to be able to understand the user’s finger Touch ID feature to identify the lines of the user’s identity. After collecting the data needed, the user can not type a password to unlock directly with your fingers 5S, purchase applications in the Apple store does not need a password.
In setting the initial requires patience, however, identification of the user pressed after the manner of all kinds of strange, Touch ID will be very reliable. If it does not recognize the user’s identity, then will return to enter the PIN interface.

For the Touch ID security, Apple said, Touch ID of the user’s fingerprint information stored in the phone itself, a specially encrypted memory, Apple’s servers, the U.S. National Security Agency, or any other person can not get to the data.

Processor: Apple to talk more about the parameters of 5S matters, wherein the improvement is difficult to assess. 64 of the A7 processor compelling, the processor is similar in all respects in the crowd. Better gaming experience, there is almost no skipping, load time is even shorter. Some applications even open and close times are shorter than the previous iPhone products.

“Infinity Blade III” (Infinity Blade III) has been able to reflect the ability of Apple’s new iPhone processor changes the game in the 5S run faster than the iPhone 5, sharper images, games, cleaner transitions between scenes neat.

In addition, iPhone 5S is equipped with M7 coprocessor may be more interesting than the A7. It is available from the accelerator, the rotary device to collect data, and in accordance with the relevant data reduce the energy consumption of iPhone. This means 5S know whether the user while driving, stop driving or Start walking; when the user is sleeping or the phone in the home, it can stop downloading new mail.

Like with Motx X, iPhone 5S is fully able to detect the user what to do with a cell phone, if it can understand and respond to the user’s behavior, it will certainly make phone operating experience more intuitive, but these are only speculations.

Camera: Lumia 1020 pixels, 41 million, out of practical considerations iPhone 5 is only 8 million pixels, while the 5S’s superior performance. With HTC One and Ultra pixel cameras, Apple does not sacrifice clarity in exchange for low-light shooting capability under the conditions; compared with Moto X, it does not sacrifice the quality of the camera in exchange for simplicity. Apple in a very good camera from the hardware and software to give improved. Sensor chip is still 800 million pixels, but has increased slightly on the shape, which means that each individual pixel will be bigger and able to gather more light. Therefore, in the case of good light conditions, both the clarity and detail photographs several undifferentiated, low-light shooting environment is superior 5S iPhone 5.

In fact, the camera’s operation is truly embody A7 processor performance. iPhone 5S offers continuous shooting mode (Burst mode): 10 shots per second, then automatically selects the best image allows users to choose from. After the user has selected the best picture, 5S remaining pictures deleted. (Cockroach)


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